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It all began at a small 5000-watt radio station in the Merrimack Valley - I'd had a "falling out" with the administration of Boston University's School of Communications when they'd determined I'd be better off anywhere but there. This mid-market station hired me as a news man - after several weeks, they too determined I'd be better off doing anything but news, so they gave me a mid-morning call in cooking show, quite appropriate, actually, as I knew not how to fry water! From there, I hit several other mid sized radio outlets, doing DJ work , talk shows, and reviews of numerous high school performances of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. Tiring of the daily grind of broadcasting, I took to teaching. Teaching broadcasting, that is, at a now-defunct schlock Career Academy Broadcasting school, where many thousands of dollars was more than enough for admittance. Out of over 500 students taught I can claim two success stories, One a morning DJ at a Miami station, the other a news anchor at an ABC affiliate in Fresno, California. Oddly, enough, they are both gay, and they eventually became lovers. After the Academy's non-voluntary closing, I returned to the radio biz at what was then Boston's only country radio station, a low-budget operation that paid in bartered cowboy hats and boots instead of cash. From there it was on to a more successful country radio station on the FM dial, where I became close friends with the likes of Boxcar Willie. I regained my sanity when a former paramutual suggested I open a video store - I think there were 3 in New England at the time. And thus began - THE MOVIE PLACE, which now has the largest selection of all-male titles and lesbian films. I was then asked to write a video column for IN NEWSWEEKLY, which I still do, and recently met Mary Kennedy, who foolishly thought I could do a good job of reviewing gay themed videos for her wonderful PRIDETIME show. The rest, as they say, is fictional history.

Karen 'Mal' Malme

Karen 'Mal' Malme is a familiar face around Boston's comedy scene. Karen has performed stand-up in many of Boston's mainstream comedy clubs as well as gay/lesbian venues. She has performed with Brian Jewett in their original Out of Memory Productions, described as Co-Ed Queer Comedy. Karen recently participated in Laugh Out Loud, which showcases the best women comics in Boston.

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